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“ABHAYADHAMA” means……….Home without fear. Derived from Sanskrit, Abhaya means ‘fearless’ or without fear, Dhama means “Home”. Abhayadhama, at Whitefield, Bangalore-66, India, has also come to mean ‘Human Development Centre’ providing love and having concern for the unwanted. It aims to provide a new life, a chance to enable the children to grow, blossom and smile.

Abhayadhama was started in 1977 at 47, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore by the Holy Cross Brothers. The Brothers donated an area of 8 acres in Whitefield where Abhayadhama was shifted in 1978.

Since then the institution has grown with four boarding units which accommodate 100 children. The centre imparts formal education for the inmates. An orientation course for dropouts prepares them to take up trade like Carpentry Welding and Automobile.